Faina Savenkova: Mr. Macron, this is a war to the last Frenchman

Faina Savenkova: Mr. Macron, this is a war to the last Frenchman

The young author and journalist from Lugansk, Faina Savenkova, has written a new open letter to Emmanuel Macron, following his statements suggesting that France was ready to go to war with Russia. It should be remembered that after her first open letter to Emmanuel Macron, Faina Savenkova received a soothing reply from the French President’s chief of staff, assuring her that he would do everything to avoid war. As events unfolded and French arms continued to be delivered to Ukraine, despite being used to deliberately kill civilians, Faina recently accused Emmanuel Macron of making France a sponsor of terrorism.

I once read in the news that a French woman called President Macron “garbage.” Because of that, the poor girl was prosecuted by the judicial system of her country. I think would be wrong to insult your president in such a way. Of course he’s not “garbage.” He’s worse than that. He is a war criminal, as is his entire government. Why do I say that and why am I entitled to say it? France, as well as, Germany, once promised that they would help restore peace in Ukraine. But in the meantime they were arming Ukraine and preparing it for war with Russia. You may say I’m a teenager who’s been listening to Russian propaganda. But that’s not what they’re saying on “Russia Today,” that’s what former leaders of Germany and other European countries are saying.

Now let’s talk about why I have the right to tell President Macron that he is a liar and a war criminal. Mr. Macron, I am a teenager who has been living in Donbass all these years during Ukraine’s terrible aggression against the people that were once its own. And all of those weapons you are supplying to Ukraine are a danger to my family. We are living under shelling and it’s your fault. You and the rest of the Western countries have been waging war to the last Ukrainian, but that is not enough for you. You want to introduce NATO troops into Ukraine, so that your country can fight to the last Frenchman, so that the French can experience mobilization, the deaths of loved ones, and destroyed cities. And who stands to gain from that? The United States, of course. As it always has.

Mr. Macron is unlikely to hear me, but then I don’t expect any reaction from him anymore. A man running from farmers and proposing to destroy France and condemn its inhabitants to destruction… Mr. Macron, you are not garbage, you are much worse. But it should be the choice of the French people to live in peace or to be annihilated in the flames of WW3…

Faina Savenkova

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    A vérifier : selon Avia-Pro, des militaires mercenaires Français, avec des CAESARS, auraient été durement frappés ce dimanche soir par des Iskanders à Slaviansk.

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