International Reporters

International Reporters is a news agency publishing in Russian, French and English.

The story of the International Reporters project began in 2018 with Donbass Insider, a multilingual information and analytical portal created by French journalist Christelle Néant.

In 2016, Christelle Néant came to the DPR and became a war correspondent for a local news agency; two years later, she brought together journalists, political analysts and columnists on a new platform, Donbass Insider, to bring objective information about the armed conflict in Donbass to Russian and foreign audiences.

In 2022, the idea was born to transform Donbass Insider into an international media outlet, the core of which would be foreign military journalists working in Russia and with experience in war zones around the world: Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, etc.

In July 2023, during a meeting of the supervisory board of the non-profit organisation “Russia – Land of Opportunities”, Christelle Néant’s idea was personally supported by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Four months later, the news agency was officially registered and Donbass Insider changed its name to International Reporters.

Our team

Виктория Смородина

Viktoria Smorodina

Кристель Нэан - Christelle Néant

Christelle Néant
Deputy editor-in-chief and war reporter

Eva Bartlett - Ева Бартлетт

Eva Bartlett
War reporter

Vanessa Beeley
War reporter

Adrien Bocquet

Adrien Bocquet
War reporter

Laurent Brayard - Лоран Браяр

Laurent Brayard
Historian and journalist

Veronika Kazakova - Вероника Казакова

Veronika Kazakova
Political scientist

Andrea Luccidi

Andrea Lucidi
War reporter

Фаина Савенкова - Faina Savenkova

Faina Savenkova

Sonja Van den Ende

Sonja Van den Ende
War reporter

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