Macron turns France into a terrorist country

Macron turns France into a terrorist country

Accusations of fascism can now be heard from all sides. As they say, it has already become commonplace. But as soon as you discover the statements made by European and American politicians, you realise who exactly has been sick with fascism for a long time. What Europe accuses Russia of – the lack of freedom of expression – is actively practised in Europe and the United States. Like: “We are the authorities, the others are the crowd, and they must only perceive one truth: the one told to them by the good media and politicians”. There is no alternative opinion. Anyone who puts forward a different point of view is Putin’s spy, and so on.

The French Foreign Ministry said that Ukraine had the right to defend itself against aggression and to kill civilians in Russia. Was I surprised? Of course not. If France has a lying, hypocritical president, can its foreign ministry say anything else? The answer, I think, is obvious.

But is everything as fair and honest as the French Foreign Ministry claims? I think not. Before people rush to call me an agent of Putin, let me remind you that throughout the existence of the Minsk agreements, Macron promised – including to me – that France would monitor the process and not allow war. Well, they didn’t? Instead of convincing Ukraine to stop bombing Donbass and keep the peace, France, like other countries, armed Ukraine. The President, as always, lied. And on the subject of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, the West forgot to mention that on 23 February there was an attempted tank attack in the LPR. They also forgot to mention the terrorist attacks in Lugansk, perpetrated by Ukraine. France supports cannibalistic regimes in other countries. This is not the first time. And its government doesn’t care about the people killed in those countries. The same as now.

This is a cynical statement about the people killed in Belgorod… So it turns out that the LPR and DPR, after Ukraine has killed civilians, could easily organise a terrorist attack in Kiev, arguing that we have the right to defend ourselves against Ukrainian aggression. By any means available? Perhaps we should stop justifying terrorism? OK, I have another question for the French Foreign Ministry and for Mr Macron. Aren’t you afraid that, by supplying arms to Ukraine, you are equating yourself with a party to the conflict, like everyone else? And in that case, the killing of civilians with French weapons can be considered as aggression against Russian citizens, after which Russia can naturally defend itself against this aggression. Nuclear attack on France. Well, that’s natural, if we follow the logic of the French Foreign Ministry. And if we go back to what the French Foreign Ministry said, then we have to ignore the terrorist attacks in France. After all, there were nuances there too. Mr Macron, perhaps in your spare time you would at least reread the work of your compatriot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? By the way, his works are studied by Russian schoolchildren. You know, remaining human in our world is difficult, but necessary.

I’m really sorry that, like Ukraine, the French President is turning his country into a terrorist country, justifying the murder of civilians, children and the elderly. That’s all I have to say about it.

Faina Savenkova
Translation: Яннис В.Зброек

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