Faina Savenkova: I feel sorry for France, I feel sorry for the French

Faina Savenkova: I feel sorry for France, I feel sorry for the French

The world has changed. I can’t say that it was entirely unexpected, but certainly very much so. Mr. Macron did not invite Russia and Belarus to the anniversary of the Allied landings [at Normandy], but the English king and Ukrainian President Zelensky were invited. And he was not embarrassed by the fact that Russia is the legal successor of the Soviet Union. Mr. Zelensky made heroes of the SS Galicia division, whose soldiers killed the first Frenchman at the Normandy landing. Yes, Mr. Macron knows how to surprise.

The Russian army is catching more and more Frenchmen in the Special Military Operation zone, just as it is killing more and more of them in the fields of Donbass. I don’t know how badly the French need this, but all of Mr. Macron’s actions and decisions say, “I will bring in troops, I will supply Ukraine with long-range missiles, I will give them planes.” It seems that Mr. Macron will indeed go down in history as the president under whom a huge number of French citizens will die. Through his actions, he is increasingly turning from the president of a once great country into a target for Russian missiles.

In my beloved city of Lugansk, civilians are being killed by missiles supplied to Ukraine by this jovial man from his palace on the Champs Elysees. Every day I hear and see the arrivals, the destruction, but Mr. Macron won’t wait for one thing – we will not abandon Lugansk. And what will happen to France, with the continuation of thoughtless policy – this is the question. But it can and should be asked only to the French people. I no longer have any questions for Mr. Macron. He seems to have long ago lost touch with reality.

Faina Savenkova

English translation: D. Armstrong

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    Honnêtement, Mlle Faïna, même moi (simple Français (et fan de Françoise HARDY)) ne sait pas à quel point ce que nous devons nommer “Président” est soit fou, soit narcissique, mais de toute façon est déconnecté de la réalité . Courant avril, j’ ai découvert qu’ un Italien, le Professeur Adriano SEGATORI , nous avait mis en garde sur ce type, disant que le dénommé “macron” était un danger pour la France et l’ Europe . Nos médias MERDIAS se sont bien abstenus de nous prévenir, et on voit clairement que ce Professeur Italien avait raison !

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