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These companies close to the Biden family linked to the financing of Ukraine’s crimes

These companies close to the Biden family linked to the financing of Ukraine’s crimes

What do the companies Burisma Holdings, Rosemont Seneca, and BlackRock have in common? All these companies are linked to the Biden family and the American authorities, and all of them are involved in the financing of Ukraine’s crimes, whether they are financing terrorist acts, war crimes or biological laboratories conducting illegal experiments.

On April 9, 2024, the Russian investigative committee publicly announces that, after an investigation carried out at the request of several Russian deputies, “it has been established that the funds received through commercial organizations, in particular the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings, operating in Ukraine, have been used in recent years to commit terrorist acts in the Russian Federation as well as abroad in order to eliminate prominent political and public figures and cause economic damage“.

Clearly, the Russian investigative committee accuses Burisma Holdings of nothing less than financing terrorism!

The investigation, together with other intelligence and financial intelligence services, checks the sources of income and the subsequent movement of funds in the amount of several million US dollars, the involvement of specific individuals among government officials, public and commercial organizations of Western countries. In addition, thanks to investigative and operational means, the links between the direct perpetrators of terrorist acts and the curators, organizers and foreign sponsors are explored,” the statement reads.

This press release from the Russian investigative committee is very succinct and has something to leave hungry. But if we go back to the request for investigation sent by a group of deputies of the Russian Duma (translated version in English here), we learn more.

Burisma Holdings finances terrorist attacks carried out by Ukraine

These deputies searched the data of investigations carried out in Ukraine against the owner of the company Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company, on the board of directors of which Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, sat. This company has been embroiled in a huge corruption scandal concerning Joe Biden, who did not hesitate, while he was vice-president, to put pressure on Petro Poroshenko to dismiss prosecutor Viktor Chokine who was investigating the malfeasance of Burisma Holdings in connection with the company Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC, which partly belongs to Hunter Biden.

If the Ukrainian judicial authorities then carefully avoided anything that could directly or indirectly involve Hunter Biden and his company Rosemont Seneca, the investigation against the owner of Burisma Holdings, Nikolay Zlochevsky continued in Ukraine. His lawyer, who is also the director of legal affairs of Burisma Holdings, Andrey Kicha found himself involved in his boss’s case, after trying to bribe senior members of the Ukrainian judicial bodies to stop the case against Zlochevsky, in exchange for almost $ 6 million in cash. The lawyer was caught red-handed and was prosecuted for attempted bribery.

And it was there in this process, which, in view of the obvious evidence, should have led to a well-deserved conviction, that something strange happened. The Russian deputies have indeed discovered that during closed-door hearings, the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine validated the fact of transferring first of all Kicha’s bail (more than 31 million hryvnias, or more than 730,000 euros) to the budget of the Ukrainian army (hearings on March 4, 2022 and March 20, 2022), then the almost $ 6 million that he had tried to pay as a bribe, were sent to a unit of the main directorate of intelligence of the Ukrainian army (hearing of April 19, 2022), and finally 100 million hryvnias (2.3 million euros) were paid at the end of March 2023, under an agreement with the Ukrainian anti-corruption prosecutor to close the file, on the special account of the fund “United 24” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces intended for the “army of drones”, which is a project of Zelensky. By pleading guilty and paying this large sum, Kicha got away with one year of probation instead of the firm five years in prison to which the court had sentenced him, and walked free from court.

You might think that this man just got away with taking out the checkbook to escape prison and tell you what it has to do with financing Ukraine’s crimes. I’m coming to it. Independent Ukrainian journalists and foreign media pointed to the fact that Kicha did not have such a sum, unlike her boss, Zlochevsky. Boss because of who Kicha ended up in this quagmire. So the journalists concluded that it was Zlochevsky, and therefore Burisma Holdings that financed this giant bribe.

You might think that this man just got away with taking out the checkbook to escape prison and tell you what it has to do with financing Ukraine’s crimes. I’m coming to it. Independent Ukrainian journalists and foreign media pointed to the fact that Kicha did not have such a sum, unlike his boss, Zlochevsky. Boss because of who Kicha ended up in this quagmire. So the journalists concluded that it was Zlochevsky, and therefore Burisma Holdings that financed this giant bribe.

And where did these millions of dollars go? To a unit of the main directorate of intelligence of the Ukrainian army, and to a project to finance drones. However, the main directorate of intelligence of the Ukrainian army has committed numerous terrorist attacks on Russian territory (the assassination of Daria Dugina and the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, among others). Its leader, Kirill Budanov, is being prosecuted in Russia for more than a hundred terrorist attacks, including numerous Ukrainian drone attacks on residential areas in Russia!

Attacks, made possible thanks to the famous special account of the Ukrainian army dedicated to the “army of drones”. By paying their bribe to put an end to the legal proceedings, Kicha and Zlochevsky, and therefore in reality Burisma Holdings, financed terrorist attacks committed by Ukraine! And in view of the statement of the Russian investigative committee, these financial links between the gas company linked to the Biden clan and the structures in Ukraine organizing terrorist attacks in Russia are confirmed. Which means that in addition to being involved via Burisma Holdings in sordid corruption stories between the United States and Ukraine, Joe and Hunter Biden are linked to a terrorist financing case. And that’s not all.

Hunter Biden and the biological laboratories in Ukraine

Because the financing of dubious, even criminal operations in Ukraine by companies linked to the Biden clan does not end there. In the Burisma case, another company, partly owned by Hunter Biden, appears: Rosemont Seneca. However, the foundation attached to this company, Rosemont Seneca Foundation, appeared in another Ukrainian file: that of biological laboratories.

In December 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense publishes a report indicating that Rosemont Seneca Foundation has been financing the Metabiota company since 2014. However, this company is one of the main contractors of the Pentagon for the construction and supply of equipment for American biological research laboratories around the world. Including in Ukraine, where this company worked with Big Pharma (Pfizer, Moderna, Gilead, etc.) as a subcontractor for Black & Veatch (another Pentagon contractor) to conduct the darkest research.


Thus, thanks to the takeover of a number of regions and cities where such biological laboratories were installed, Russia was able to access a large number of documents and witnesses, making it possible to find out what these laboratories were really doing in Ukraine. And what these data indicate is that the Pentagon aimed to create elements of a biological weapon and test it on the population of Ukraine and other countries located along the Russian borders.

All this by going through subcontractors such as Metabiota and Black & Veatch, and by relocating the laboratories to third countries, in order to avoid the United States being accused of violating the convention on the prohibition of biological weapons. But the documents found by Russia, among other things the employment contracts, the approved registration cards and the declaration documents of the Pentagon contractors – Black & Veatch, Metabiota, and CH2M-, show that the pathogens studied within the framework of the Ukrainian UP and TAP projects have nothing to do with public health problems in Ukraine.

These studies focus on the study of naturally transmissible and particularly dangerous infections, which are considered as potential biological weapons agents. For example, the objective of the TAP-2 project was to study actinobacillus mallei (pathogen of “snot”, a serious infectious disease of horses transmissible to humans), of which no case has ever been recorded in Ukraine.

In addition, tests of infectious agents and toxic drugs controlled by the US Department of Defense were conducted in Ukraine on soldiers and mentally ill people. As early as the spring of 2022, the Russian army had discovered that between 2019 and 2021, American scientists from a laboratory in the city of Merefa (Kharkov region) tested potentially dangerous drugs on patients from the regional clinical psychiatric hospital n°3 in the city of Kharkov.

People with mental disorders were selected for experiments, and the results of monitoring the condition of patients were entered on special forms. No information was entered into the hospital’s database, and the staff of the medical institution signed a non-disclosure agreement. In January 2022 (that is, a month before the launch of the special military operation), the activities of the Merefa laboratory were stopped, and all equipment and medicines were transported to the west of Ukraine.

The patients of the psychiatric hospital n°1 of the village of Strelechye, in the Kharkov region, were also subjected to medical experiments on behalf of Washington. The main category of experimental subjects was a group of male patients aged 40 to 60 years with a high stage of physical exhaustion. And here, too, in January 2022, foreign citizens who conducted experiments were urgently evacuated, and the equipment and medicines they used were transported to the western regions of Ukraine.

Sometimes these dangerous experiments were even carried out “under the open sky”. Thus, in 2020, leaflets in the form of fake banknotes were infected with a multidrug-resistant tuberculosis pathogen, and distributed to children in Stepovoye, in the part of the LPR then very close to the front line. Those who organized this crime took into account the fact that children carry everything in their mouths, and often eat without having washed their hands.

The results of bacteriological studies conducted by the health authorities of the LPR confirmed the resistance of the bacteria found on the leaflets to first- and second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs, that is, the tuberculosis they cause is much more difficult to treat and the cost of treatment is much higher.

The conclusion of the Lugansk health authorities is that “the leaflets were most likely infected artificially, since the material contains extremely dangerous strains of the pathogen in a concentration capable of ensuring infection and the development of the tuberculous process“. Clearly, people have sought to cause an epidemic of extremely resistant tuberculosis in the LPR.

And it is not only in Kharkov or in the Lugansk region that evidence has been found. Mariupol, in the DPR was also an important biological research center for the Americans until the launch of the special military operation. Thus, the documents that were not destroyed urgently following the advance of the Russian armed forces and the people’s militia of the DPR in two biological laboratories in Mariupol, show that the city had become since 2014 a regional center for the collection and certification of the causative agent of cholera. The selected strains were sent to the Public Health Center in Kiev, which transmitted them to the United States. The Russian army has also obtained evidence that documents confirming the collaboration of these biological laboratories in Mariupol with the US Department of Defense were urgently destroyed in 2022.

A collection of pathogenic microorganisms was also urgently destroyed on February 25, 2022 at the sanitary and epidemiological laboratory. The act of destruction indicates that work was carried out there with the causative agents of cholera, tularemia and anthrax.

But part of the pathogen collection of the Mariupol veterinary laboratory was not destroyed. Russian specialists recovered 124 strains and studied them. They then discovered among these strains pathogens of diseases atypical for veterinary medicine – typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, gas gangrene, which is worrying, because it may indicate that the laboratory was used for other purposes than those officially announced and was participating in a military biological program.

And just two months ago, it was revealed that children, including babies, were used in experiments conducted in the psychiatric department of Mariupol Hospital n°7 for large Western pharmaceutical companies! The documents were discovered in the basement of the hospital by employees of a construction company responsible for restoring the building. The list of patients who received one of the arthritis medications included infants under the age of one year, and children aged one to 11 years! The companies involved include Pfizer, GSK, Samsung, Labcorp Drug Development (formerly Covance, whose name can be seen on a packing slip) and many others.

However, one of the drugs tested inhibits the action of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), a cytokine (protein) that plays an important role in the immune system to fight carcinogenesis. So, taking this medication can increase the likelihood of developing various forms of cancer, including lymphatic and hematopoietic systems, as well as skin. However, I doubt that a newborn, an 11-year-old child, or a person interned in a psychiatric hospital can give their consent in good conscience to test a drug whose side effects can be as serious as that of ending up with cancer!

Clearly, Ukraine has turned into an open-air biological research field for the benefit of the United States, with the help of companies like Black & Veatch and Metabiota, who do the dirty work for the Pentagon on the ground. So in addition to being linked to the financing of terrorist acts committed by Ukraine, the Biden clan (as well as the leadership of the Democratic Party) is also linked to the financing of biological research, which at best are illegal, or even aim to create biological weapons prohibited by international conventions!

Biden, BlackRock and Ukraine’s war crimes

And after the financing of terrorist attacks and biological weapons it is time to look at another company very close to Joe Biden and the leaders of the Democratic Party and which is linked to the war in Ukraine: BlackRock.

Indeed, if we look at the administration of the current US president, we discover that three former senior executives of BlackRock are part of it. And the latest arrival, Eric Van Nostrand, former Managing Direct of BlackRock has been, since August 2022, advisor on economic issues concerning Russia and Ukraine within the US Treasury Department. All this is highlighted by the American press as proof of very strong and direct links between Joe Biden and this company.

And when we take a closer look we realize that this exchange of “staff” between the White House and BlackRock does not only work in one direction. Indeed, Thomas Donilon, for example, president of the BlackRock Investment Institute, is a former adviser to President Barack Obama on national security. And he has worked not with one, not two, but with three American presidents since his first position in the White House in 1977 with President Jimmy Carter. Because in addition to having worked for Carter and Obama, he was deputy secretary of State and chief of staff at the State Department under Bill Clinton. That is, three presidents from the Democratic Party.

It is interesting to look at the files on which Thomas Donilon worked. Indeed, he was, among other things, responsible for the elaboration and implementation of the expansion of NATO (that is to say, the violation of the agreements given to Russia which led to the current catastrophic situation by bringing the alliance closer to the Russian borders).

And if now I tell you that BlackRock owns, together with another American investment company named The Vanguard Group, more than 39 million shares (or 14%) of the American giant Lockheed Martin, as well as significant shares of Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon. You will tell me that you don’t care.

If I add that these companies form the American military-industrial complex, and supply the Ukrainian army with drones, mortar and artillery shells, missiles, radars, anti-aircraft defense systems, rockets, MANPADs, etc. Weapons with which the Ukrainian army commits war crimes against the Russian population.

These companies, and therefore by extension, those who invest in these companies, such as BlackRock, are therefore getting richer with each new war crime by the Ukrainian army. All paid for with American taxpayer money. But who makes the decision to use public money in this way to enrich these societies? Joe Bien, or his advisers from the BlackRock company, who thus send the elevator back to the company where they come from?

It should be added that BlackRock has obtained the juicy deal from the Ukraine Reconstruction fund which will allow it to rake in billions without doing anything, just by managing the funds raised to rebuild the country. The more the country is destroyed, the more money it will take to rebuild it, the richer BlackRock will get.

When we add to this the fact that BlackRock has direct entrances to the White House thanks to its former directors who work there, or to its new directors who come from there, we better understand why the US administration wants at all costs to avoid the overwhelming victory of Russia and prolong the conflict as long as possible. It is necessary that Ukraine be destroyed as much as possible, but that it still exists at the end of the conflict so that BlackRock, and the Democrats (including Biden) can receive billions.

In the end, whether it is the companies that finance the terrorist attacks carried out by Kiev, those that finance the biological laboratories in Ukraine, or those that enrich themselves on the destruction of the country, while helping to finance the war crimes of the Ukrainian army, all have in common to be close to the Biden family and the Democratic Party. And all of them feed on the blood of Russians and Ukrainians shed during this fratricidal conflict, like vampires. But as the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said so well recently: “For centuries they [Western Elites] have become accustomed to filling their bellies with human flesh and their pockets with money. But they must realize that this vampire ball is coming to an end.”

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