Faina Savenkova: Premonition of World War III

Faina Savenkova: Premonition of World War III

There has been a war going on for 10 years now. Before, many people thought it was a civil war, but now it has become all too obvious that it’s a war between the West and Russia. How does it benefit Ukraine? Hardly at all, except for deaths, whether they are dead combatants or dead civilians. But do the Ukrainian authorities care about such “trifles”? I don’t think Mr. Poroshenko felt sorry for those who died in 2014. Nor does Mr. Zelensky care about these. Why think about people you don’t know? Let them die in the name of the future. But whose future?

But the most ridiculous thing is that Zelensky and everyone else is in trouble again. No matter how hard they try, people in Russia, despite all the crimes committed by the Ukrainian armed forces against civilians, do not consider Ukrainians to be enemies. People believe that Russia is not at war with Ukraine as such, but with NATO. And here is another setback: Mr. Zelensky, you are puppets in the hands of the West. You can’t even change your ministers without the help of “foreign consultants” – there are overseers in all your offices. And what about your people? When there is no opposition and no free press in your country, everyone believes in a semi-mythical “victory”. But the funny thing is that no one believes in the victory of Ukraine without the help of foreign weapons and NATO troops. Ah, yes, I forgot that it’s not actually NATO troops fighting Russia, it’s ordinary citizens who came to “help”. Of course, we have to believe that, uh-huh, right…

I have always wondered, why didn’t Ukraine, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and all of those nationalist politicians, ever have independence? Why, while fighting for freedom, did Ukrainian nationalists always end up depending on Poland? Germany? Now they are dependent on the United States. Probably because freedom and independence cannot be gained under someone else’s flag, even if there is a little space for your own flag in the background. As long as Ukrainians fail to recognize this, they will die in the trenches, and they will be led by people with multiple passports.

And what about the West, which is so very democratic and correct? Listening to Chancellor Scholz, President Macron and other European non-leaders, I clearly realize that the vague specter of World War III looming on the horizon is gradually growing in size. The Poles have been fighting in Donbass, and now in Ukraine, for 10 years. The French want to bring in their troops. The British and Americans are developing a plan for a terrorist war on the territory of Russia, and they plan to send Ukrainians to do their dirty work for them. It seems that Europe and the West as a whole have forgotten that mankind already has two world wars on its “account” that wiped out half of Europe’s population. It’s too bad that the citizens of these countries do not think about the fact that what happened in Ukraine can start in their countries, because mobilization can start in Italy, France, and Germany. Of course, there is still a chance that Western politicians will come to their senses, but it’s minuscule. And that is frightening…

Faina Savenkova

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    Unfortunately, I who live in Italy also have this feeling. I am 58 years old and I have already seen several shameful conflicts unleashed by NATO. I remember the inhumane bombings of Belgrade and how our media portrayed the enemy to make our citizens accept the inevitability of war, of war with a people, a country that has never declared war on us. The same scenario also recurred with other countries in a long chain of death and destruction. All against one, like neighborhood bullies. Now the same type of information is being proposed again with the Russian Federation and not recently. I am worried and have a sense of helplessness that this could happen again. I have been following the events in Donbass since 2014 and remember with immense horror the Odessa massacre on May 2, the information about this monstrosity was hidden and misrepresented by the information of my country. So something was brewing. For years, Italian public opinion has been presented with a distorted picture of reality, they want to create the enemy, the enemy that doesn’t actually exist. I feel very close to all of you. I’m not alone. most Italian citizens have understood their game. but above all the majority of Italians do not want any war and in particular a war with a people they love and respect. Newspaper sales in our country have collapsed both due to low Italian wages and because they have become illegible. Even TV news ratings have plummeted as people try to get information online. For this reason our elites have cracked down on social media and promoted online censorship, with the excuse that we need to fight fake news and hate crimes. Objectively I see little hatred and disinformation online, but I see a lot of it in the resolutions of the EU and my country’s parliament. The vast majority of the Italian population loves the Russian Federation and the people who live there. We must stop this madness of our elites.

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