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The West uses Alexey Navalny’s death to interfere in the Russian elections

The West uses Alexey Navalny’s death to interfere in the Russian elections

Unsurprisingly and predictably, Western countries have decided to use Alexey Navalny’s* death as a sordid excuse to interfere once again in Russian politics, and more particularly in the presidential elections.

A reminder of the facts. On 16 February 2024, Alexey Navalny, who was serving a prison sentence for fraud and embezzlement, collapsed after a walk, immediately fell into a coma and died despite attempts by prison medical staff and ambulance crews to resuscitate him.

Of course, without even waiting for the results of the autopsy, the West pounced on Alexey Navalny’s death to accuse Vladimir Putin personally. These accusations are totally delusional, based on nothing but hot air, and above all they fly in the face of all logic. What would have been the point of Vladimir Putin assassinating Navalny the day before the Russian armed forces took complete control of Avdeevka, and especially a month before the presidential election? Answer: none at all. On the contrary, it fuels attempts at foreign interference in the electoral process, and Navalny’s death, if not the result of an unfortunate coincidence, could well be the most sordid of provocations.

Before accusing the Russian President of murder, it is worth remembering that Alexey Navalny was not a healthy man even before he went to prison. As a reminder, in 2020 I scientifically proved that Navalny could not have been poisoned by Novichok, that the evidence provided was complete nonsense, and above all, I had discovered, thanks to the publication of his analyses by the German doctors at the Charité, that “Mr 2%” had indeed suffered from a serious metabolic disorder (as diagnosed by the Russian doctors), which was certainly partly due to the pancreatitis he was suffering from (remember that the pancreas produces insulin and glucagon, which regulate blood sugar levels).

And that wasn’t his only health problem – he also had a Staphylococcus aureus infection and a kidney problem. There is therefore a non-negligible probability that Alexey Navalny simply died… of natural causes due to a health problem.

If we are to assume a non-natural death, then the search for the “cui bono” (who benefits from the crime) does not point to Vladimir Putin but to the West, which on 16 February 2024 is struggling to come to terms with the Ukrainian army’s flight from Avdeevka and Ukraine’s obvious defeat in general. Add to this the failure of Western sanctions to “bring the Russian economy to its knees” (as Bruno Lemaire said it), and the fact that Vladimir Putin has an 85% approval rating (according to the Levada Centre, which is financed from abroad and is therefore not a pro-Kremlin polling institute) on the eve of the presidential elections, and it is clear to the West that they would need a major provocation to seriously disrupt these elections.

And when you add to that the fact that members of the pro-Western “Russian opposition”, some of whom had links with one of Navalny’s former collaborators, were filmed organising provocations during the 2021 Russian elections, it is not far-fetched to think that the death of “Mr 2%” could have been organised by the West to serve as a motive for foreign interference in the 2024 elections.

Especially when you see Navalny’s widow, Yulia, openly telling the European Union that it must refuse to recognise the result of the Russian presidential elections. All this while playing the grieving widow, when in reality she had already found a lover while her husband was rotting in prison, and she had great difficulty hiding a smile at her press conference in Munich just after her husband’s death.

And on the same day, the United States announced that it was going to impose sanctions against Russia over the death of Alexey Navalny. It’s strange, I don’t remember seeing such an outcry, nor the imposition of sanctions against Ukraine for the death of Gonzalo Lira in a Ukrainian prison. And yet he was an American citizen!

If we add the attacks on the electronic voting system (which, strangely enough, poses no problem for the West when used in the United States, but becomes unreliable as soon as it is used in Russia), it is clear that the West will do everything in its power to disrupt the Russian presidential elections and present the result in a negative light, or even do everything in its power to justify not recognising it. Even if that means sordidly using the corpse of the swindler Navalny.

Christelle Néant

* Included in the register of people involved in terrorism and extremism.

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