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The terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge must lead Russia to step up its military operation against Ukraine

The terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge must lead Russia to step up its military operation against Ukraine

On 8 October 2022, at around 6am, a terrorist attack (most likely carried out by Ukraine) damaged part of the Crimean Bridge and killed five people. Unsurprisingly, several Ukrainian officials celebrated the news, pointing an accusing finger at Ukraine themselves, and its nature as a terrorist state.

At 6.07 a.m. on 8 October 2022, a few cars and trucks were driving over the Crimean Bridge when one of the trucks exploded on the road, knocking down part of the bridge deck, and setting fire to seven fuel wagons whose train was passing at the same time on the railway.

One of the spans of the road bridge collapsed into the sea, taking with it the suicide truck and a car. The death toll is currently five. The fire in the fuel wagons did not cause any casualties and was extinguished by 10 am this morning.

The navigable arch of the bridge was not damaged, however, and maritime traffic can therefore continue across the Kerch Strait. At the time of writing, rail traffic has already resumed on the Crimean Bridge, as well as vehicle traffic on the still intact roadway. Vehicles are now being thoroughly checked before they can use the bridge.

The strange thing is that normally vehicles entering the Crimean Bridge have to pass through a giant scanner, capable of detecting explosives.

The question is: did the truck pass through the scanner, and did the scanner work properly? Furthermore, in view of the video published by Mash showing the very quick manual inspection of the truck by the Russian police, the question arises as to the competence and involvement of the people responsible for ensuring the safety of the Crimean bridge.

If those responsible for checking the vehicles have failed in their duty, they should not only be dismissed, but also prosecuted. For their incompetence/inaction has had tragic and serious consequences.

And since we are looking for those responsible, we must of course also identify the perpetrators and sponsors of the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge. From this point of view, it seems obvious that this terrorist attack is the work of Ukraine.

Indeed, Mikhail Podoliak, one of the advisors to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, quickly posted on Twitter a photo of the damaged Crimean bridge with a text that leaves little doubt as to the origin of this terrorist attack.

Tweet de Podoliak

Crimea, the bridge, the beginning. Everything illegal must be destroyed, everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine, everything occupied by Russia must be expelled. 

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence also wrote a tweet welcoming the destruction of the Crimean bridge. And it doesn’t matter if innocent people died in this terrorist attack.

Tweet du ministère ukrainien de la Défense

The guided missile cruiser Moskva and the Kerch Bridge – two notorious symbols of Russian power in Ukrainian Crimea – have been destroyed. What’s next, Russians? 

Given the many times the Ukrainian authorities have threatened to attack the Crimean Bridge, it is not difficult to understand who at least one of the sponsors of this terrorist attack is. For example, in July 2022, Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisor Alexei Arestovich made it clear that the Ukrainian army would strike the Crimean Bridge as soon as it had the chance.

“The Ukrainian armed forces will strike the Crimean bridge when it is technically possible. We have to choose the moment so that its destruction causes maximum damage to Russia,” he said in an interview with Politeka Online.

In another indication, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu openly congratulated Ukraine, which he considers to be behind the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

“Estonia certainly welcomes this and congratulates the Ukrainian special operations units, which are certainly behind this operation,” the minister said.

The coup de grace was delivered by the Washington Post, which wrote that a Kiev official had confirmed that the Ukrainian secret service was behind the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

“A Ukrainian government official told the Washington Post on Saturday that Ukrainian intelligence was behind the bridge attack. The news website Ukrainska Pravda was the first to report the alleged government role, citing an unidentified law enforcement official who said Ukraine’s security service, the SBU, was involved,” the article said.

As for the obvious use of a suicide vehicle, I would remind you that for years Ukraine has been picking up Islamist terrorists exfiltrated from Syria, and Chechen terrorists, some of whom the SBU has even given Ukrainian passports (with which they can then enter the EU without a visa, as a reminder there too). It is therefore not surprising to see Ukraine using the same methods as the Islamic terrorists in Syria.

Ukraine has been behaving like a terrorist state for years, assassinating several commanders, the leader of the DPR, Alexander Zakhartchenko, and more recently Daria Dugina. It is time for Russia to officially declare Ukraine a terrorist state, and to treat it as such, and no longer as a country inhabited by a brotherly people, with whom one must take the gloves off. It should also be considered highly likely that one or more NATO countries (which have supported and trained Islamist terrorists in Syria) helped Ukraine carry out this terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

It is time for Moscow to officially transform the special military operation into an anti-terrorist operation, and to give the necessary means to accomplish the latter, without turning into an emotional overreaction (which is the aim of this terrorist attack, to push Russia into a corner).

Today, however, the appointment of General Sergei Surovikin as commander-in-chief of the special military operation was announced. He is a respected and feared general, as he is a specialist in joint coordination, and he does not take kindly to incompetent or lazy officers. He fought in the second Chechen war and commanded the operation in Syria in 2017. An operation for which he was awarded the Hero of the Russian Federation star. In short, he is the ideal general to lead an anti-terrorist operation against Ukraine

I also think it would be good to involve the Chechen fighters and their leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, even more than they are already involved (he was given the title of army general a few days ago). Kadyrov has announced that 70,000 Chechens have volunteered to serve in the special military operation area in addition to the 10,000 who are already there. As I said at the beginning of the launch of this military operation, the Chechens are the most experienced in the fight against terrorism, so we must make maximum use of these experienced forces.

It is also necessary to strengthen security throughout Russian territory, considering that the whole country is facing a serious terrorist threat. And finally, NATO countries must now be considered and treated as active sponsors of terrorism. Diplomacy and patience are of no use against such countries, which only operate on the basis of force, and therefore only understand force. Only by making them pay a high price for their support of Ukrainian terrorism will Russia be able to stop financing, arming and training the Ukrainian armed forces.

Christelle Néant
Translation Vz. yan

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