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Italian war correspondent at the WYF: We need an alliance to protect media people who tell the truth

Italian war correspondent at the WYF: We need an alliance to protect media people who tell the truth

Participants of the session “Where Has the Bear Gone? Russia’s Contemporary Image in a Multipolar World” at the World Youth Festival discussed Russia’s role and place in the international media sphere and analysed the information agenda of foreign media about Russia within the framework of the formation of a new world order. The participants in the discussion came from Syria, Italy, Germany and other countries – international journalists and media editors, political scientists, teachers and opinion leaders.

Italian military observer Andrea Lucidi, who has been living in Donbass since 2022, said during the session that it was necessary to create an international alliance for media professionals that would be able to protect journalists from political pressure from their countries. This would allow unbiased coverage of world events and protect freedom of speech and media professionals from the influence of Western governments and monopolies.

Western governments control the media more and more. That’s why in the West you can’t get an objective point of view from Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine. There you are a good reporter if you support the West’s version. Two years ago I decided to come here to Russia because I didn’t accept our media’s version. I film what I see, and it’s important for me to offer viewers in Italy and Europe a different perspective.

I am not the only foreign journalist now working in this field. Recently, we foreign war correspondents, bloggers, decided to create a new agency called International Reporters. In it, we all try to offer a different point of view together, and this is a new view for the West.

But we need other colleagues, not only in Russia, but also in the United States, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, Syria. We need an alliance, an association that can protect us from pressure from governments or global corporations that might discredit our work because we offer audiences a different point of view. I hope that very soon we will be able to create such an alliance with other colleagues around the world to work honestly, to defend a multipolar world,” said Andrea Lucidi.

The International Reporters news agency was launched by graduates of the New Media Workshop this year. Its creation was initiated by French military correspondent Christelle Néant, who has been living near Donetsk since 2016. The idea was supported by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The new media, which united six foreign media personalities, is published in three languages – Russian, French and English.

Background information:

The World Youth Festival takes place on the federal territory of Sirius from 1 to 7 March 2024 in accordance with the Decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to develop international youth cooperation.

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    Pensons à Julian ASSANGE, prisonnier des “English”, et probablement (sauf miracle) bientôt envoyé aux States pour y mourir . Son tort ? Avoir démontré des crimes de guerres US en Irak.

    Pensons à SNOWDEN qui, lui, est caché quelque part en Russie.

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